Tis the season for amazing boots ...

Boots are amazing!  They can be leather or suede, clumpy or sleek, patent or matt, embellished or simple but they are all amazing.  I should also add that they are all high - at least in my wardrobe where you'll be hard-pushed to find a flat shoe, let alone a flat boot.

Now that autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, we're all pulling out the boot boxes and donning our favourite numbers.  

Two years ago I was bought a beautiful pair of patent black, high heel boots from Dune (the elastic panel means they stretch out to fit my chunky calfs perfectly).  They are legendary as my FM boots and get worn with everything from skinny jeans to prim dresses to mini  skirts (although the later ensemble is edging on trashy - but can't a girl embrace a little bit of trash from time to time?).  

This year I'm after a new pair of ankle boots.  I already have a practical pair, and a grey suede pair, and a clumpy biker pair ... so now I want a wholly impractical pair.  I'm thinking buckles, embellishments, killer heels, and luxurious material. 

Nothing screams impractical more than glitter ... right?  If so, then these boots have impractical written all over their shiny heels!

Left: Dune Ladies Addorna Shoe; Right: Black Glitter Shoe Boots from Dorothy Perkins

I love both of these, and they'll look great with LBDs, mini skirts, skinny jeans, and peeping out from beneath a jumpsuit.  Unfortunately, I feel like I've worn them before so onward and upwards in my search for fantastic boots.

Next, gold embellishments? I don't have many boots with that metallic little feature!

Left: Black Metal Trim Block Heel Ankle Boots from River Island; Right: Miss KG Erin high heel boots from House of Fraser

No-one can really say the embellishment on these boots isn't the ultimate in luxury.  However, the River Island are a little too 'wear everyday' and the Miss KG heels are a little high on the maintenance side - who wants to keep up their pedicures throughout winter?

Finally, I decided on points - in the heel and the toe! But the boots themselves are simple ...

Left: Black Elasticated Cuff Heeled Ankle Boots from New Look;  Right: Nino Black from Dune

The pair I went for are the Nino by Dune.  I tried them on in House of Fraser last week and fell head over heels.  They look horrendously painful with a towering heel and pointed toe but actually, they fitted like a glove.  They were comfy enough for me to spin about the shoe court and do small leaps in the air -they also made me grin like the Cheshire Cat.  They also make my legs look rather amazing - always a bonus:

Please excuse the obligatory selfies of best friend Tamara and I prancing about House of Fraser in joy at our boots (she's wearing the Shaper over-knee boot by Dune), our joy was too much not to share ... 

Unfortuantely, these beauties will have to wait until the New Year sales as I'm heading out to Vancouver in January and it will be FREEZING!  So, instead I've ordered a pair of practical yet stylish knee-highs to get me through the endless meetings and standing on a conference stand for hours on end.  

I've ordered these from Duo so I could get a larger calf-size to accommodate wooly socks-a-plenty!  They should be delivered in the next day or two so I promise to post a review the minute they have been tested. 

What boots will you be going for this season?

C xx 



  1. I love the boots you are wearing at the top of your post. They are swoon-worthy. I have tons of boots but can never have enough. The final boots you selected are going to go with so many other pieces. Great pick.


  2. Those boots are fabulous I can see why you want them! I am so boring in my boot choice as it is nearly always flat boots that I can actually walk in!! xx

    1. They really are fabulous aren't they! I love my heels and rarely wear flats (and when I do end up twisting my ankle a lot) but I had to learn to walk in them - start small and chunky and progress up that way (and buy good quality as they tend to be better balanced).

      C xx

  3. Lovely boots! I'm like Nikki can't walk in heels to save my life so will have to try your advice. Nice blog too found it today through your post in Plus size bloggers updates.

    1. Hi Vicky,
      I'm so glad that you like! Let me know how you get on with your heel adventure - and remember to go slow!
      C x x