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I am new to blogging - I started in the latter half of last year and, rather ashamedly and very naively, didn't have a clue about other plus size bloggers out there.   Since then I have learnt many a thing but the biggest thing of all is that the plus size blogging community are some of the most honest, supportive, and caring women I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know!

Having spoke to many members of this amazing community online, I had only ever met a few of them before this weekend when I attended the amazing Style XL, a plus size fashion and body confidence event organised by the marvellous Leah Shafik of Leah XL

Leah poured sweat, blood and tears into the event and I have to say, it all paid off.   Watching beautiful women of all shapes and sizes shimmy down the catwalk in fantastic clothing made for plus size women was an absolute joy.  

Everyone there just exuded confidence and positivity which, in my experience, is very rare amongst women!  

There was a lack of judgement, exemplified by Kathryn Kaupa's disdainful 'Why?' when i voiced the opinion that I could never wear something!  I think that one comment summed up the whole weekend - why care if you can or cannot wear something, as dictated by some rather ridiculous rules of what "suits" or flatters?  Why not wear a brilliantly bright floral dress that I would lust after but never normally find the confidence to wear?

Left to Right: CurvyWordy, Laura, Me, Curves'n'Curls, & Secret Plus Size Goddess.  Photo courtesy of Curvy Kate

In fact, the even was really so supportive that I even wore a crop top without a second thought about my back fat or stretch marks.  I also stripped off behind a Curvy Kate sign to get my boobs measured and flashed half the exhibition hall in the process, yet I really just didn't care (possibly as I'm a bit of exhibitionist who rather loves getting her kit off).  I think I could have walked round stark naked, all flawed bared, and still have received nothing but love and joy from these ladies!

I also had the honour of meeting the oh-so-talented Claire of Claireabella's Closet who let me try on her custom designed gown.  Now the dress is too big for me but just look at that colour!

I will definitely be speaking with Claire about my own custom gown, made by hers truly, for my Grandma's 80th next year!

I also had the pleasure of drooling over the latest Scarlett & Jo creations as they shimmered down the catwalk along with a few sneak peeks of next seasons collection! 

I have to say, I completely feel in love with two dress due out before Christmas and can really see myself wearing the two amazing creations below (although I would happily live my life in all of the creations, these two were by far my favourite). 

Image courtesy of Alfie B-Smith Photographer
Image courtesy of Alfie B-Smith Photographer

I think both of these dresses will form part of my power-dressng work wardrobe - and double up as cocktail hour dresses.  Now I just have the long wait for them to hit stores later in the year!

I spent my time their being a pineapple with Yours Clothing ... 

Image courtesy of Yours Clothing

Taking selfies ... 

Image courtesy of Amber in Red

Image courtesy of Amber in Red

And waltzing with Becky Brown ...
Image courtesy of Steph

I also drooled over some amazing eco-fashion collections ... 

Image courtesy of Katherine Henry

Image courtesy of Katherine Henry

I drank some, and posed some ... 

Image courtesy of Amber in Red

And had a ruddy marvellous time!

Oh, and did you see the M&Co video of the event???

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  1. I was so sad because I couldn't go to Style XL, a couple of my very good friends Emma (its em) and Laura (what laura loves) went and I was meant to be going with them and some other lovelies but unfortunately my health had other ideas and I couldn't make it :( you looked lovely in all the outfits, I'm pleased you enjoyed it, hopefully I'll meet you at another event :) lots of love xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry you couldn't make it but really hope we can meet soon :)

      C xx

  2. Haha, not sure what it was we were discussing - maybe colour? - but it's true - why let those things stop you wearing something you love!

    So glad to have met you, and sorry I played drums on your bum :( xx

    1. I think it was neon pink colours!

      Was awesome meeting you and feel free to use my ass a drum kit any time :P