Plus Size Workwear in Summer

Working in an office can be challenging for so many reasons - office politics, the dick behind who doesn't refill the coffee after stealing the last cupful, the awkward smiles of recognition to the person that sits on other side of your floor (and attends the same gym class) but you still don't know their name! 
Add being plus size and trying to find work appropriate attire that is both fashionable and practical to the equation and it makes for a bit of a conundrum! 
This summer has been particularly difficult for me ... I've fallen slightly out of love with my usual tea dresses and have noticed subtle changes in my wardrobe to more structured lines; tailored blazers, blouses, structured skirts and beautifully fitted trousers. 
For a while now, I've been searching for some really wow cropped trousers that are vibrant, summery AND suitable for a rather stuffy corporate environment.  So when I saw these beautiful Scarlett & Jo trousers on Terrible Tumbles, I just had to dash to Evans and buy them!

Now, this was a huge gamble for me as leggings and I don't always get along.  An American friend of mine had a mantra of 'leggings aren't pants' which rings in my head whenever I see a girl wearing leggings without a long-line top or skirt - I know this is rather terrible of me but I shudder at the too-small, see-through leggings that you often see (along with the girls knickers). 

Thankfully, these leggings are beautifully made from a heavy stretch fabric that provides a lot of structure and definitely hides your undergarments! 

They are very high waisted which is always a winner for me and I love the length on me.  They're also extremely flattering; I feel the heavy material smooths any lumps and bumps and the floral vine pattern seems to lengthen the leg. 

I'm wearing the size 18 trouser in these pictures but it was quite large on my waist and you can see the wrinkles in the trouser leg from excess room.  I have since exchanged these for a 16 which is a much closer fit and I have to say - I love them!

They're for sale in Evans for £30 which I would normally say is expensive for leggings but these are more than that!  In my mind, they are both sharply tailored work trousers and ultra cool and groovy casual trousers for a shopping spree or Sunday brunch.  Given this,  I think they're worth every penny! 

I paired the trousers with a beautifully light weight blouse, also from Evans.  The blouse is from the busty range which means I'm wearing a very well fitting size 16 and look - no gaping at the bust!   I find it so difficult to get shirts to fit my boobs without swamping me so this is really a delight and I hope they create this shirt in many more colours. 

Have you got any amazing workwear outfits you'd like to share? 

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  1. You look absolutely stunning here! So professional and elegant but still stylish and feminine. Love it.

  2. Love those trousers on you! They work so well in so many ways, I love mine in the summer. The shoes were the perfect colour co-ord too! X