Curvy Kate - Dreamcatcher Saffron Pixie Review

I'm having a colourful moment when it comes to lingerie.  The brighter the better, especially if I can wear it with a backless top or dress.  After all, lingerie is to be seen, not hidden - right?

Curvy Kate have more than hit the nail on the head when it comes to bold, bright colours this season. the Portia bra comes in an amazing vivid blue, pegged 'Sapphire Amber', and the Madagascar is suitably moving it in an aquamarine zebra print.   

I want them both - but they were knocked off top spot by the Dreamcatcher Saffron Pixie - a bright tangerine set that just made me smile the moment I put it on! 

Now, I wasn't entirely sure if tangerine would be my colour.  I'm naturally rather pale and can look sallow against the wrong shade of orange.  Luckily, a slightly tan and aquamarine bows seems to balance my colouring and I actually really love this shade against my skin!

I'm wearing the bra in 36GG - I had worried this would be a little small as my chest has been steadily increasing the past few weeks due to lifting weights at the gym.  This coupled with the fact that Curvy Kate tends to come up a tiny bit smaller on the cup meant I considered getting the H cup.  I'm glad I didn't as this bra comes up deeper in the cup than the other Curvy Kate bras I've tried.  

The balcony style is very supportive and the 3 section cup means that my boobs feel very rounded with a wide spacing between them.  I know many girls don't like this wide-spaced effect and prefer the enhanced cleavage that moulded bras tend to offer.  However, I find the round and wide boob more subtle when wearing low cut tops - after all, my boobs can't be pressing against my chin all the time, can they?

The bra has fairly sturdy, adjustable straps that are also wide-spaced to allow for an expanse of d├ęcolletage.  I really love the little aquamarine bows placed where the straps meet the cup and deep in the cleavage - I think it's so very playful! 

You can see that the band of the bra sits nice and snug in the armpit - I always like this in a bra as it helps to tuck in any misplace bra tissue and supports the wobbly bits under the arm bit (I really hate these so like a bra that helps to minimise them). 

The pants are in a size 20 and fit very well.  I always like to size up to the 20 in pants whenever possible I have large hips with bulging handles that sit so much better in a bigger brief.   I'm a big advocate of bigger is better when it comes to pants!

I also like that the butt of the pants isn't sheer.  There seems to be such a trend for sheer pants right now but I don't always feel comfortable showing of my crack when changing in the gym!  They do sit just a tiny bit lower than I prefer though, I mean, they are briefs - but I really wish Curvy Kate made a few more higher waisted bottoms to go with their bras. 

I do like that the bottom does also come in a thong - and I may need to look into getting that at a later date. 

The bra costs £29 which I feel is fairly standard for DD+ lingerie that both supports well and looks great.  It comes in sizes 28 - 40 D - K and 42 - 44 D - G so is fairly inclusive in it's sizing but I do hope that will extend the 42 and 44 backs to a K cup in the future.  

The briefs are £15 and come in sizes 8 - 22. 

Have you got a favourite Curvy Kate bra this season?  Tell me your favourite! 

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  1. You look fabulous! I think orange is such a lovely colour in the summer. xx

  2. I absolutely love the orange colour to this set! You look like an absolute babe in this whole set by the way, the bra and pants fit you so well! I might have to treat myself to some Curvy Kate! xx